5 Revelation from Tesla FSD Beta Releases Timeline

Tesla Full Self Driving Beta Releases Timeline

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5 things I found interesting:

  1. Elon is more and more often doing last-minute delays of FSD beta releases
  2. FSD Beta jumps from version 5 to 8 due to naming change, not feature/capability jump
  3. There are no release notes available on tesla's website for Tesla software update and Tesla FSD beta. Elon sometimes provides release notes via Twitter. There is a 3rd party website that lists Tesla Software updates (not Tesla FSD) with release notes.
  4. Features are often promised or hinted at months, or even years earlier. There are also a bunch of features promised that still haven't come out yet.
  5. Tesla official twitter account never talk about FSD Beta (why?). Despite they do talk about Tesla Software Beta (last time was on 2015).