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New 2022 PlayStation Plus Tiers Comparison Table

PlayStation Plus Essential, Extra, Premium comparison table breakdown

Sony has announced that PlayStation Plus will be revamped into 3 confusing tiers: Playstation Plus Essential, Extra, and Premium (Deluxe in regions with no 

We've compiled a much simpler comparison table for you to decide which PlayStation Plus tier best fit your needs. 

New PlayStation Plus 2022 Comparison chart
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PlayStation Plus Premium is one of the most confusing with PS3 games only available via streaming, and PS5 games only available via download. It seems Sony has not prepared their game streaming infrastructure to support PS5, and they have not found a way to emulate PS3 on PS5.  These limitations will probably lifted in the future, once Sony managed to run PS5 games in the cloud and PS3 games on PS5. 

These limitations and tiers are in stark contrast to Xbox Game Pass from Microsoft.