5 Interesting Take on Tesla Self Driving Promises Timeline

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  1. There was only 1 promised feature that was released (pure vision). But if we stretched that a bit more..., then 2 promised features were released: sleeping in a tesla (promised in 2017 to be released 2 years later) while dangerously moving at 60mph (video in 2019).
  2. Complete autonomy Promises have been voiced since 2015.
  3. The infamous "Paint it Black" tesla self-driving video in 2016 still looks impressive in 2021 (and hasn't become a reality).
  4. "coast-to-coast" self driving was promised to be possible with HW2. But now tesla is on HW3 (or HW 3.5?) and still unable to do it.
  5. Level 5 autonomy has been promised for 2021 (but now 2021 has almost ended) from 2020 and 2021.